About us


Geker Co., Ltd.,, established in Oct. 1993 by General manager Yueh-Tao Hsu. Ms. Hsu well knows the importance of high quality standard to Japan market by dealing with Japanese for years before Geker was established. Because the insistence on mission from clients and the hard working attitude, Ms. Hsu earned the trust from Japanese enterprises and established Geker as an agency in Taiwan. With Ms. Hsu’s management and the correct policy, Geker is familiar with the manufacturers of related products and also accumulates many excellent suppliers, becoming a well-qualified agency with strong supplier chain, well trusted by Japanese enterprises.


From the very beginning we worked on sourcing and merchandising till now we are well qualified to provide OEM, ODM service and even design proposal. With accumulated experience and excellent suppliers’ support, we provide clients more than just merchandise.


Gekeris established by General Manager Hsu andnow turned into a complete team with excellent partners from Molding, Plastic Injection, Metal Punching, CNC Cutting, Assembling and Package manufacture, offering various gardening and home products.With our R&D team, we present you well designed and convenient products with originality and comfort.


Geker has over 20 years experience of Japan market. Since 2015, we launched the import business and introduced excellent gardening products to domestic market and will work on over oversea markets in the near future.

Enterprise Spirit